Led Zeppelin- Heartbreaker

Hey fellas, have you heard the news? You know that Annie's back in town?
It won't take long just watch and see how the fellas lay their money down.
Her style is new but the face is the same as it was so long ago,
But from her eyes, a different smile like that of one who knows.

Well, it's been ten years...
GNR- You could be mine
You Could Be Mine

I'm a cold heartbreaker
Fit ta burn and I'll rip
your heart in two
An I'll leave you lyin' on the bed
I'll be out the door before ya wake
It's nuthin' new ta you
'Cause I think we've seen that movie too

'Cause you could be mine
But you're way out of line
With your bitch slap rappin'
And your cocain...
Bee Gees
... Again
11. To Love Somebody
12. Too Much Heaven
13. This is where I came in
14. Tragedy
15. My World
16. Holiday
17. Ordinary Lives
18. Still Waters
19. Heartbreaker, Guilty, Chan R
20. I could not love You more
21. For Whan The Bell Tolls
22. Ring Aronund The Moon
23. I will
24. Obsessions
25. Grasshopper...
Jennifer Love Hewitt
... Tuxedo)
Del Blaine
2001 - A Notre Dame-i toronyőr 2. - A harang rejtélye (The Hunchback of Notre Dame II)
Madellaine (szinkronhang)
2001 - Szívtiprók (Heartbreakers)
Page Conners/Wendy/Jane Helstrom
2000 - Az angyali Audrey Hepburn (The Audrey Hepburn Story)
ügyvezető producer, Audrey Hepburn
1999 - A bamba banda (The Subu...
Gene Hackman
2001 - Ellenséges terület (Behind Enemy Lines)
Reigart admirális
2001 - Tenenbaum, a háziátok (The Royal Tenenbaums)
Royal Tenenbaum
2001 - Szívtiprók (Heartbreakers)
William B. Tensy
2000 - A cserecsapat (The Replacements)
Jimmy McGinty
2000 - A gyanúsított (Under Suspicion)
ügyvezető producer, Henry Hearst |...
Sigourney Weaver
... Stanley, a szerencse fia (Holes)
The Warden
2002 - Tűzoltó búcsúztató (The Guys)
2002 - Mostohám a zsánerem (Tadpole)
2001 - Szívtiprók (Heartbreakers)
Angela Nardino/Max Conners/Ulga Yevan.
1999 - Világtérkép (A Map of the World)
Alice Goodwin
1999 - Galaxy Quest - Galaktitkos küldetés (Galaxy Quest)|...
Roxette- I Never Loved a Man

You're no good, heartbreaker
You're a liar and you're a cheat
I don't know why I let you do these things to me
My friends keep telling me you're no good

But they don't know that I'd leave you if I could
I guess I'm uptight but I'm stuck like glue
Bee Gees- Heartbreaker
... follow is dying
Im cryin in the rain
I could be searchin my world for a love everlasting
Feeling no pain, when will we meet again

Why do you have to be a heartbreaker
Is it a lesson that I never knew
Gotta get out of the spell that Im under
My love for you
Why do you have to be a heartbreaker
When I was bein what you want me to be...
Mariah Carey- Boy (I Need You)
... Harlem world (boy)
Ma imma savage betta guard ya’ girl
So c-c-c-c-call me
And we’ll start to cake up mark jacob
You’re a heartbreaker
Good (boy)
I’m a mobster and Pimp(pimp)
8 key’s 2 hammers
Lobster & Shrimp(chek my resume)
Look at my lip mami
We could be a co...
Mariah Carey — Heartbrea

Honey they can't do it like this
Just play the record

[Da Brat]
Guess who's back in the muther****** house
With two big tig ol' bitties for your mouth
Heartbreakers must partake in the sensation
So So Def and Clue, hits in the making

Oh guess who's driving the five double O
Like Yipi-Yi Yipi...
Mariah Carey- Heartbreaker...
Mariah Carey- Heartbreaker (Featuring Jay-Z & Dj Clue)

[DJ Clue] (Mariah)
(We're gonna do it like this, ooh)

[Jay-Z] (Mariah)
All right let's go (ooh)

Give me your love

Repeat Mariah's intro
With Jay-Z's intro

[Jay-Z] (Clue)
Ugh, what, ugh, jigga (MC, ha, Clue)...
Mariah Carey — Heartbrea
Mariah Carey — Heartbreaker (Ft. Dj Clue And Jay-Z)


Give me your love x 16


Uh, what, uh, jigga (MC, ha, Clue)
Hey, you gotta bounce to this like this
You almost gotta watch to this, uh-huh (who-ee)


Ooh your love's so good
I don't wanna...
Mariah Carey- Heartbreaker...
Mariah Carey- Heartbreaker (Junior's Heartbreaker Club)

Gimme your love [32x]
Don't go and break my heart
(Don't go and break my heart)
You got the best of me
Don't go and break my heart
(Don't go and break my heart)
You got the best of me

Oh, you love so good
I don't wanna let go
And although I should
I can...
Mariah Carey- Heartbreaker...
Mariah Carey- Heartbreaker (Remix)

DJ Clue:
Blazing hip hop and R&B
DJ Clue, dessert storm
New Mariah off the imitated never duplicated

Da Brat:
Guess who's back in the motherfuckin' house
With 2 big tig ol' biddies for your mouth
Heartbreakers must part taker the sensation
So so def and clue hits in the making
1970 Március 27.Mariah Carey
...1970 Március 27. Megszületett Mariah Carey (New York, Huntington, 1970. március 27. - ) amerikai pop-és R&B-énekesnő, az 1990-es és 2000-es évek egyik legsikeresebb előadója. Első lemeze 1990-ben jelent meg a Columbia Recordsnál. Carey volt az első előadó, akinek első öt kislemeze mind vezette a Billboard Hot 100 slágerlistát; többi dala is nagy sikert ért el, és a Columbiáho...
Mariah Carey- Loverboy (Remix)
... lost in the mix
So I floss in the (sea) Turning out the hits
So I'm exhausted as shit

Now baby it's the mo' paper, dough chaser
Now get it right, would ya heartbreaker?
I keep it tight but I'm no faker
You can laugh now but you'll cry later

I think I like you in ya freak clothes
Freak thongs at my specialized peep shows
And ...
Mariah Carey- Love Hangover/..
Mariah Carey- Love Hangover/Heartbreaker

If there's a cure for this
I don't want it
Don't want it
If there's a remedy
I'll run from it
From it

Think about it all the time
Never let it out of my mind
'Cause I love you

I've got the sweetest hangover
I don't wanna get over
Sweetest hangover...
Mariah Carey
... Want

- Vision Of Love

- Heartbreaker

- Honey
Michael Jackson - Heartbreaker
Her only goal is just to take control
And I can't believe that I can´t tell her no

That girl I can't take her
Should have known she was a heartbreaker
That girl I can't take her
Should have seen right through her she's a heartbreaker
That girl I can't take her
Should have seen it coming heartbreaker
That gir...
Barry Gibb
... szerepelt Leo Sayer albumán, év végén pedig a Bee Gees-en beül a ,,Living Eyes albumon.

Az 1982-es év szintén a produceri tevékenysége miatt jelentős: Dionne Warwick ,,Heartbreaker" lemezének a dalaiban Barry szerzőként, énekesként és producerként is részt vett. Második közös forgatókönyvét is megírta (A dutch treat) David English-el, ami a későbbi Hawks...
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