For the very first time...
Well, having a blog must be funny. And now after an invitation totally unexpected, I'm feeling like getting this as a sign. Always wanted one, but was too lazy to do something for it. It's so typical about me.
But now, I've got more important things on my mind needed to be done (the great exam), so better get moving, I'll be use this place for good, it'll be really funny to lo...
Nincs Cím
... change
an august summer night
soldiers passing by
listening to the wind of change

the world is closing in
did you ever think
that we could be so close
like brothers?
the future's in the air
i can feel it everywhere
blowing with the wind of change

take me to the magic of the moment
on a glory night
where ...
... believe
Somehow you will, (Now you will (3rd Chorus through))
You will when you believe

In this time of fear
When prayer so often proves in vain
Hope seemed like the summer birds
Too swiftly flown away
Yet now I'm standing here
My heart's so full, I can't explain
Seeking faith and speaking words
I never thought I'd ...
Limpbizkit- Lonely World
... middle
Life is just a big fat riddle, so figure it out
Always thinking that you know
Everything little thing there is to know
But you don't really know, ya know?
It's like love, some people get it
For some it's just a glove that just never fitted
For me it's just a pain in the ass
But i'm addicted to the taste of hopin' it could last
The Doors: My Wild Love
... Japan
And we entered a town
By this time the river
Had changed one degree
She asked for the people
To let her go free

My wild love is crazy
She screams like a bird
She moans like a cat
When she wants to be heard
My wild love went ridin'
She rode for an hour
She rode and she rested
And then she rode on
... bele van építve a Y2K bug?

"640K ought to be enough for anybody." - Bill Gates, 1981

I don't love Bill Gates.

640K ought to be enough for anybody. Oh yeahh! Like Windows...

Where do you want Billy Gates to go today?

Stay away from the swirling vortex of hell, Billy.

Bill Gates just got divorced, His wife didn't do W...
Hówhite és the seven törps
Hole volt. hole nem volt, lived egy king meg egy queen. Egy day,
nekik lett egy daughter. Her haja volt mint ében. s her skin like hó.
Így lett her name: Hówhite. Mindenki volt happy, de a queen meghalt in TBC. Hówhite's apja lett nagyon sad and Hówhite too. But nem sokkal after the king gondoled that: "Kell feleség to me!"
So after pár hét, the king megérkezedett...
COB: Everytime I Die
The faint blaze of the candle of my life,
slowly dying like a fire in a pouring rain.
No sparks of hope inside,
no shooting stars on my sky.
On broken wings, no flying high...

Another night, another demise,
Cadaverous wind blowing cold as ice...
I`ll let the wind blow out the light
cuz its gets more painful every time i die.

Manowar - Warriors Of The Worl
... Will Never Dry
Stand And Fight Together Beneath The Metal Sky

Brothers Everywhere
Raise Your Hands Into The Air
We're Warriors
Warriors Of The World
Like Thunder From The Sky
Sworn To Fight And Die
We're Warriors
Warriors Of The World

Many Stand Against Us But They Will Never Win
We Said We Would Return...
... calling late.
Cuz theres nothing else to do,
Every me and every you.
Every me and every you,
Every me...he

Every me and every you,
Every me...he

Like the naked leads the blind.
I know Im selfish, Im unkind.
Sucker love I always find,
Someone to bruise and leave behind.

All alone in space and time.
Igaz, de használhatatlan
... millió évvel ezelőtt keletkezett.
A zebráknak nemcsak a szőre, hanem a bőre is csíkos.
Michigan-ben tilos verebet befesteni és törpepapagájként árusítani.
A Duran Duran Hungry Like The Wolf c. száma a Piroska és a farkas c. mese alapján született.
Az ókori babiloniak nagyon büszkék voltak a sörfőzési hagyományaikra. A minőségi sörfőzés érdekében kijelentett...
The One
The One I love

Haven't slept in a week
My bed has become my coffin
Cannot breath, cannot speak
My head's like a bomb, still waiting
Take my heart and take my soul
I don't need them anymore

The one I love
Is striking me down on my knees
Drowning me in my dreams
Over and over again
Dragging me under

... is, hogyha lefeküdnénk, mosolyognék én is!!

10.Ébressz fel, ha végeztél! :)

11.Van aki facér, van aki nagyon facér, van aki él- hal a facér!

12. Sex is like nokia: connecting people, like nike :just do it , like coca-cola : enjoy

13.Ha szereted szopod, ha nem akkor nyalod :)

14.Az öngyilkosság egyetlen elfogadható formája...
A first...
It's a coool blog but i like the blog's ...
Jó reggelt.végre felkeltem.ilyenkore leagalább alidhatok nem kelt fel senki sem.NIncs itt Petya hogy cseszegessen hogy mikor kelek már végre meg hogy jöjjön be hozzánk kávét fözni.I like this day!Ma irány haza délután szóval este megint party!!!!:):):)...
Pussycat Dolls- Buttons
... up my buttons babe (uh huh)
But you keep frontin babe (uh)
Say what you gon' do to me (uh huh)
But i see nothin' (uh)

Typical, hardly the type although
I like him physical, dont leave me askin for more
Im a sexy mama
Who knows just how to get what I wanna
What i wanna do is bring this on ya
That backup the things that I t...
Nincs Cím
... Maybe I screwed it up - as a mother.Don't know.Must talk to my daughter tomorroww.Not a noisy quarrel, you know , or a "sermon". A conversation.That's what I'd like....
..."Dear Mr. President"
(feat. Indigo Girls)

Dear Mr. President
Come take a walk with me
Let's pretend we're just two people and
You're not better than me
I'd like to ask you some questions if we can speak honestly

What do you feel when you see all the homeless on the street
Who do you pray for at night before you go to sleep
... have knelt at your feet
I have felt you deceit
Couldn't leave if I tried
I've been a martyr for love
Tortured every hour
From the day I was born
I've been moved like a pawn
By the greatest of powers
I knew that I would have to suffer in vein
A way that I would never outgrow the pain

I've been a martyr for love...

the world is mine... ;)
I believe in the wonder
I believe this new life to gain
Like a God that I'm under
There's a drugs running through my veigns

I believe in the wonder
I believe I can touch the flame
There's a spell that I'm under
Got to fly, I don't feel no shame

The world is mine

I've lost my fear to war and peace
I don't mind t...
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