... strength he has in his loins, what power in the muscles of his belly! His tail sways like a cedar; the sinews of his thighs are close-knit. His bones are tubes of bronze, his limbs like rods of iron. He ranks first among the works of God..." - Job 40:15-19

The book of Job is very old, written after the worldwide flood of Noah's time and probably about 2,000 years ...
Donna Summer - Mac Arthur Park
Spring was never waiting for us, girl
It ran one step ahead
As we followed in the dance.

Between the parted pages
We were pressed,
In love's hot, fevered iron
Like a striped pair of pants.

Mac Arthur's Park is melting in the dark
All the sweet green icing flowing down
Someone left the cake out in the rain
I don't think t...
... thing
Where feeble Hope could ne'er have flown
But vainly flapped its tinsel wing.

And yet I quickly might arrive
Where my extended soul is fixed,
But Fate does iron wedges drive,
And always crowds itself betwixt.

For Fate with jealous eye does see
Two perfect Loves; nor lets them close:
Their union would her ruin be,
Megszületett Bruce Dickinson
... augusztus 7., Workshop, Nottinghamshire, Anglia) egy angol énekes, dalszerző, repülőgép pilóta, rádiós műsorvezető, vívó, történész, tévés személyiség, zenei producer és regényíró, aki az Iron Maiden nevű brit heavy metal együttes frontembereként vált világszerte ismertté.

... mock

Dead to the roots, so deep was done

The work of the summer sun.


And the rock lay flat

As an anvil's face

No iron like that!

Baked dry; of a weed, of a shell, no trace;

Sunshine outside, but ice at the core,

Death's altar by the lone shore.
Yes - rock-együttes,
... vált a rajongók és a klasszikus rock-rádiók kedvenceivé, például az I've Seen All Good People és a Starship Trooper. Az albumbemutató koncertturné amerikai állomásain melletük játszott az Iron Butterfly nevű San Diego-i pszichedelikus rock-együttes.

Ugyanebben az évben, már a Fragile készítése közben az eredeti billentyűs, Tony Kaye elhagyta a Yest, és bár egyes forráso...
Bob Dylan — Jokerman
Standing on the water, casting your bread
While the eyes of the idol with the iron head are glowing
Distant ships sailing into the mist
You were born with a snake in both of your fists while a hurricane was blowing
Freedom just around the corner for you
But with truth so far off, what good will it do.

Jokerman dance to the nightingale tune
Attila József
... dream,
smudged images the mind had taken,
I felt the cosmic order gleam--
and not a speck of dust was shaken.
My dream's a floating shade; I waken;
order is but an iron regime.
By day, the moon's my body's beacon,
by night, an inner sun will burn.


I'm gaunt, sometimes bread's all I touch,
I seek amid this trivial cha...
Iron Maiden-Remember Tomorrow
... Remember Tomorrow

Unchain the colours before my eyes
Yesterday's sorrows, tomorrow's white lies
Scan the horizon, the clouds take me higher
I shall return from out of the...

Tears for rememberance and tears for joy
Tears for somebody and this lonely boy
Out in the madness the all seeing eye
Flickers above us to light up t...
Remember Tomorrow -vg999
Iron Maiden
Hívd a holnapot

Káprázó szemem előtt tobzódó színek
Tegnapi bánatok, holnapi füllentések.
Láthatárban gomolygó felhők emelnek
De visszajövök: ki onnan, ki a tűzből.
Fogj szavamon

Örömkönnyek, könnyes emlékek, valakiért
Könnyek, e magányos (szomorú) fiúért
Ima, szabadon...
Gwyneth Paltrow színésznőről
... and the World of Tomorrow
2005 Proof
I'm Going to Tell You a Secret
2006 Infamous
Love and Other Disasters
Running with Scissors
2007 The Good Night
2008 Iron Man
2008 Two Lovers
2010 Iron Man 2

Képek, Neve alatt a Képtárban találhatóak

Iron Maiden - Strange World
Strange World

The only place where you can dream; living here is not what it seems
Ship of white: light in the sky; nobody there to reason why
Here I am, I'm not really there; smiling faces ever so rare
A let's walk in deepest space; living here just isn't the place


Stalks of light come from the ground; when I cry t...
... spake

Fell echoing through the shadowiness of the still house

From the one man left awake:

Ay, they heard his foot upon the stirrup,

And the sound of iron on stone,

And how the silence surged softly backward,

When the plunging hoofs were gone.

A figyelők (Hungarian)
Sohrab and Rustum by Matthew A
... thou young man, the air of Heaven is soft,
And warm, and pleasant; but the grave is cold!
Heaven's air is better than the cold dead grave.
Behold me! I am vast, and clad in iron,
And tried; and I have stood on many a field
Of blood, and I have fought with many a foe--
Never was that field lost, or that foe saved.
O Sohrab, wherefore wilt thou rus...
... hatch again, the horrid
Woe drip from the dishrag hands and the pressed sponge of the forehead,
The breath draw back like a bolt through white oil
And a stranger enter like iron.
Cry joy that this witchlike midwife second
Bullies into rough seas you so gentle
And makes with a flick of the thumb and sun
A thundering bullring of your silent and gir...
Magyar Adorján elmélete - 1.
... Danube, since the entire Alföld (Lowlands) was still a sea. It became salty, since it got its salt from the salt mountains of Máramaros. This sea receded through an opening of the Vaskapu (Iron Gate), which is a break in the earth, created by the volcanic earthquakes. Even though the sea receded, the Alföld remained for a long time a huge lake and marsh-land. The sequence of this ...
Sidney Keyes
... the broken ridge, or you'll hear his shout
Rolling among the screes, he being a boy again.
He'll never fail nor die
And if they laid his bones
In the granite vaults or iron sarcophagi
Of fame, he'd rise at the first summer rain
And stride across the hills to seek
His rest among the bony lands and clouds.
He was a stormy day, a wet peak
... printer and the

printing-office boy?

The well-taken photographs--but your wife or friend close and solid

in your arms?

The black ship mail'd with iron, her mighty guns in her turrets--but

the pluck of the captain and engineers?

In the houses the dishes and fare and furniture--but the host and

hostess, and...
... in the shameful day.

A prison wall was round us both,
Two outcast men were we:
The world had thrust us from its heart,
And God from out His care:
And the iron gin that waits for Sin
Had caught us in its snare.


In Debtors' Yard the stones are hard,
And the dripping wall is high,
So it was there he took...
Iron Sky - Space Nazis attack!
... méter magas betonfalak mögül mindenkire rálőnek, aki a távcső elé kerül. Ilyet még az amerikai határrendőrök sem tesznek. Pedig tudott, hogy egy amcsi előbb lő majd kérdez...

Az Iron Sky premierje a Berlinalén nagy sikert aratott.

A The Guardian szerint a finn sci-fi csoda premierjére sokkal gyorsabban fogynak a jegyek, mint Angelina Jolie legújabb filmj...
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