Darren Hayes szövegkönyvek
... that?
You're a heart attack
You stabbed me in the back
If you pull your punches jack
I'm taking everything back
You hit me harder than a heart attack

You're dancing while I'm dying
Laughing while I'm crying
Denying the mess you made
Your true colours are clashing
The airplane is crashing
It's smashing
Were you even ...
Savage Garden - Savage Garden
... packs her bags for outer space
And now she's waiting for the right kind of pilot
To come (and she'll say to him)
She's saying

Carry On Dancing

The moonlight...
Shines down interstellar beams
And the groove tonight
Is something more than you've ever seen
The stars and planets taking shape
A ...
All Souls Night
... out echoes of darkness
Moving to the pagan sound.

Somewhere in a hidden memory
Images float before my eyes
Of fragrant nights of straw and of bonfires
And dancing till the next sunrise.

I can see lights in the distance
Trembling in the dark cloak of night
Candles and lanterns are dancing, dancing
A waltz on All S...
Bruce Springsteen
Fogadjátok szeretettel az egyik legjobban szeretett számomat!

Dancing In The Dark

Hilary naplója
... so excited that I am getting ahead of myself. The night was awesome. Ryan Seacrest made everything really exciting. Dick Clark is a very classy man. Thousands of people were rocking out, dancing and having a ball. I represented the West Coast crowd in LA, while Ryan was simultaneously in NY representing the East Coast. New York's' crowd was energetic and fun but I heard it w...
American Hungarian Federation
... Hungarian Scouts of Washington and AHF's 2008 programs. The phenomenal New York Continental Band and traditional dance performance by local scouts will make for another very special evening of dancing and debutantes.

$120 Tickets may be ordered ONLINE!

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------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ -------...
Meryl Streep
... Jerry Zaks
1996. Before and After A gyanú árnyéka Dr. Carolyn Ryan Barbet Schroeder
1998. One True Thing Életem értelme Kate Gulden (hang: Básti Juli) Carl Franklin
1998. Dancing at Lughnasa Pogánytánc Kate 'Kit' Mundy Pat O'Connor
1999. Music of the Heart A szív dallama Roberta Guaspari Wes Craven
2002. Adaptation. Adaptáció Susan Orlean (hang: Spilá...
Roxette- Call Of The Wild
... away from the rain.
Oh - can you tell me the name of this game?
I got to get thru to you.

Behind the door, another wall, a lonely cry a call of the wild.
A dancing daze, an empty face, a crystal high a call of the wild.

And there is something that sweeps the dark, a lover's dart,
the call of a broken heart.
Wrapped in the night,...
Roxette- Goodbye To You
... hearts,
goodbye to romance, hiding in the dark,
nights that leave a scar.

Goodbye to you, goodbye to empty cards,
goodbye to this ball of bliss,
I'm dancing from your arms.

And I fill the bedroom with silent visions of rain.
And I paint the morning with echoes from pleasure in pain.
I don't want to touch emotions, I just ...
ABBA- Summer Night City
... remembering
It's a dream, it's out of reach
Scattered driftwood on the beach

Summer night city...
Summer night city...

Waiting for the sunrise, soul dancing in the dark
Summer night city
Walking in the moonlight, love-making in a park
Summer night city

In the sun I feel like sleeping
I can't take it for too long...
Courteney Cox Arguette
... borítóján az "A Világ 50 Legszebb Embere" kapcsán.

Cox 1984-ben debütált egy napi sorozatban, az "As the World Turns"-ben, még ugyanebben az évben feltűnt Bruce Springsteen "Dancing in the dark" videoklipjében.

A Jóbarátok előtt, Cox legemlékezetesebb tévésorozatbeli szerepe Lauren volt, Alex P. Keaton (Michael J. Fox) barátnőjeként, a "Family Ties"-ban (Csal...
Solange Knowles — Crush
... think, just groove
Please, do that for me
Let them know, you're my baby

[Verse 2]
Speechless, enchanted, when I see you baby
Reachless romantic, just keep dancing baby
When you move like that, I could just fall in love you
Ooo keep climbing, make your mark in here
Your eyes keep shining though it's dark in here
And when you move l...
Kim Wilde- Dancing In The Dark
Written by N. Chinn & P. Gurvitz

We were dancing
Dancing in the dark
Sweet romancing
Something's gonna start

He stepped into the night
With his heart open wide
I was standing there
With nowhere left to hide
He looked to me like a shadow
Moving in the night
Then he took a hold of my hand
In the soft moonlight...
Laura Branigan - Is There Anyb
... other way
I struggle for the words to say
Feels like I'm talking to the wall

I can here them play our song
But somehow it sounds all wrong
In a lost romance, dancing a lonely dance

With a heart that doesn't beat as much
Fingers that have lost their touch
Looking into eyes that just don't see

We dance a little loud at t...
Laura Branigan - Is There...
... way
I struggle for the words to say
Feels like I'm talking to the wall

I can here them play our song
But somehow it sounds all wrong
In a lost romance, dancing a lonely dance

With a heart that doesn't beat as much
Fingers that have lost their touch
Looking into eyes that just don't see
We dance a little out of time ...
Donna Summer - Donna Summer
... let you know
That I'd follow you to the end of the world
Just to show you that I care
And I want you to know that
If you need me
I'll always be there

Dancing close feeling restless, it's a slow sultry night
It will be a life time til sunrise, if you don't stay with me tonight
Feel your breath caress my shoulder as your heart frees my ...
Michael Jackson - Is It Scary?
... gonna see
So did you come to me
To see your fantasies
Performed before your very eyes

A haunting ghostly treat
The foolish trickery
And spirits dancing
In the light

But if you came to see
The truth the purity
It's here inside
A lonely heart

So let the performance start

Is that scar...
Megszületett Courteney Cox
...1964 Június 15. Megszületett Birmingham, Alabama, Courteney Cox amerikai színésznő, USA-ban Filmen először Bruce Springsteen videójában, a Dancing in the Dark-ban szerepelt 1984-ben. Ezt kisebb-nagyobb fotózások követték, modellkedés a Ford ügynökségnél, majd néhány feledhető szerep tévéműsorokban. Első filmes sikerét az Ace Venturá-ban aratta 1994-ben, és még ugyanabban az évben ...
Tina Turner - Dancing In My..
Tina Turner - Dancing In My Dreams

I've been running from the truth
I've been running since my youth
Tired of running
I will stand here till you see
I am you and you are me
Tired of running

There really is no difference
When you look beneath the skin
Someday I know we'll go beyond
This world we're living in
... feeling so sad for you.

Time passed, then, you asked me to dinner. Oh glory of glories; I was going on a date with you! It was wonderful, a beautiful restaurant, a fine meal, anddancing. I almost fainted in your arms, on the dance floor! You took me home, no kiss goodnight just a hug and handshake. It was wonderful; I was floating on air with love for days!

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