Ez történt - Április 26.-án
... Rafferty's career had become less significant as the 1940's came to a close. In 1948 she married Thomas R. Baker, an Air Force colonel who later became general manager for the Los Alamitos Racetrack, and had two children. Frances Rafferty died in her sleep at her home of natural causes on April 18, 2004 in Paso Robles, California.

Ez történt - Április 26.-án
Április 26.

1654. április 26. Kiűzik a zsidókat Brazíliából.

1655 April 26, THE WEST INDIA COMPANY (North American Colonies)
Refused to accept Dutch governor Peter Stuyvesant's request to ban the settling of Jews in New Amsterdam. In their letter, they relate to the "large amounts of capital which the Jews have invested in the shares of this company" the...
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